About John

Degrees & Certificates:
  • Master of Arts, Literature – University of Houston, Clear Lake
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology – Sam Houston State University
  • Certificate, Positive Psychology Coaching – Wholebeing Institute
  • Certificate, Meditation – Allegra Learning Solutions, University of Central Florida
John Langenfeld is a life coach and writer committed to enriching the lives of all people. Through his late teens John struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction. In 1990, at the age of twenty-one, he entered the Texas prison system for his first and only term of confinement, serving fifteen consecutive years. Broken by debilitating depression and the consequences of his own actions, everything shifted. He embarked upon a spiritual journey that would prove to be utterly transforming. For more than two decades John has sought enhanced awareness. He has studied extensively in Eastern faith traditions, Western psychology, and modern science’s fascinating research of the mind. He maintains a regular meditation practice and listens to that still, small voice that speaks through our hearts when we are open and receptive to it. Combining invaluable teachings gathered from gurus, mystics, philosophers, and psychologists, along with his own keen insights gleaned through first-hand experience, his message is simple:

The process of awakening transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, changes lives from the inside out, and betters the world one life at a time.” – John Langenfeld

John lives in Austin, Texas, where he values beyond measure his warm and rewarding relationships with family and friends. He enjoys researching, writing, and working with others in personal development and life transformation. He also appreciates delicious coffee and chocolate truffles, going for slow walks along the tree-lined trails of Lady Bird Lake, and savoring the aromas of downtown on his mountain bike. It is his deepest desire that we all fulfill our true purposes, and live in love, kindness, wonder, and joy.

– John Langenfeld, Life Coach & Writer / Austin, Texas –